Resume of Satrap Holding’s Activities

Fields of activity:

Providing comprehensive services in tour and traveling domestically and abroad base on retail and wholesale

Chairman of the board and General Manager:


Proper subsets of Satrap holdings established date:

Satrap  Seir  “ Tehran”                      : Year 2005

Satrap Parvaz  Tabriz  “ Tabriz”       : Year 2010

Satrap Parvaz  Tavrizh  “ Tabriz”     : Year 2013

Satrap Parvaz  Euroasia  “ Tabriz “  : Year 2016

Satrap Parvaz  Iranian  “ Tabriz “     : Year 2017

Golden tour, retail and wholesale in domestically and abroad ticket and tour, “Tabriz”    : Year 2014

Companies services:

  • Representative of whole domestic airlines and foreign active airline’s tickets in Iran
  • Providing whole services relevant to reserve and issue airline’s tickets in country and overseas
  • Hotel reservation in country and overseas
  • Visa , Embassy appointment ,… base on any request
  • Incoming tour operations
  • Domestically and abroad tour‘s reservation
  • And any activity according to the rules and regulations of civil aviation and cultural heritage and tourism

Awards of company:

  • Exclusive agent and GSA for three major Turkish and Russian airlines in Iran that exist in satrap‘ subsets
  • Pegasus Airline  “Turkey”
  • Nordwind Airline “Russia”
  • Pegasfly Airline “Russia”
  • Gaining award as top agency in field of selling Ata airline’s tickets in country during 4 extended years
  • gaining top agencies statue in field of selling Turkish air lines ticket in the province
  • The only company that has creativity and innovation grade A certificate in field of providing tour and travelling services in country
  • Having more than 400 state-owned enterprises

Management certificates had been  obtained :

  • Quality management system certificate base on ISO 9001:2008  “TUVNORD/GERMAN”
  • Investigation of customer complains certificate base on ISO 10002:2004 “DIMITTO / SWITZERLAND”
  • Measuring customer’s satisfaction certificate base on ISO 10004:2012   “DIMITTO / SWITZERLAND”
  • Creativity and innovation Grade A certificate “CRI / ITALY”

Companies Capabilities:

  • Provide all services till 24 pm “ only agency that has hostelry license in province”
  • Free transfer for all passengers with VIP cars in Tabriz and Tehran
  • Enable to get passengers complains online and investigate less than 24 works hour
  • Provide membership card for customer club in order to get more benefits
  • Issue reliable insurance with high rate cover for all satrap’ subset’s passengers for free
  • Providing services by the Tehran office for the well-being of travelers

Incoming tours:

   Satrap Parvaz incoming tours team has extensively engaged in incoming tours since 2001. We provide the highest standard of services in Iran, backed by our highly-qualified national guides, fluent in many languages and with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of Iran's history, culture, religion, art, architecture, as well as all aspects of life in Iran today.

Our tour packages are divided into 12 categories. By visiting the Satrap Satrap Parvaz website , you can get comprehensive information on all our tours.